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Roadside Attractions and Destinations

The Minister's Tree House

The Graves of North Carolina's Famous Twins

Cherokee, NC: Roadside Destination Frozen in Time

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN: The Sodom and Gommorrah of the South

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge: Miniature Golf Madness

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge: A look at the Best and Worst Attractions

The World's Oldest Ham

World's Largest Potato

The Bear Pits
Controversial Southern Roadside Attraction

The Fiji Merman
We take a look at the various Fiji Mermen at tourist stops around the country

Where to find some of the best cult-based roadside attractions

Put Your Head in the Hole
An ode to ridiculous vacation photo ops

Santa's Land
A theme park trapped in time

South of the Border
South Carolina's little slice of Mexico

Babyland General
The freakiest place on Earth

Creepy Bunnies
Some of the creepiest Bunnies ever seen on the American Roadside

The Tree that Owns Itself

Everglades Wonder Gardens
We loose another great Florida tourist attraction

The Shell Factory
Classic Florida roadside attraction with loads of taxidermy and other wackiness

The Citrus Tower

Abita Mystery House
Alligator based sculpture and so much more

Shoes Trees
As I search for a respectable place to throw my shoes

Museum of Appalachia
One of the strangest and most wonderful museums in the country

South Carolina's UFO Welcome Center
The tale of a man and his homemade flying saucer

Tour Guide Personality Types
We take a look at some of the more obnoxious styles of giving tours

Golgotha Fun Park
Defunct Miniature Golf Course

Rock City
The Ultimate Southern Roadside Attraction

The Button King Museum
The home of the Button King

The National Knife Museum
Home of many many knives, as well as dusty mannequins, taxidermy and animatronics

Palace of Wonder
Extinct D.C. attraction that contained the world's best collection of sideshow artifacts

Natural Bridge, VA
Southern Tourist Mecca containing some of the most amazing and off the wall fiberglass figures.

The Billy Graham Library
Shrine to America's most famous preacher

The Georgia Guidestones
America's Stonehenge 

Colonel Sanders Roadtrip

The Creation Museum
Where Dinosaurs rode on the Ark with Noah

The Fountain of Youth
Where you can taste the foul elixir of legends

Weeki Wachee
Florida's most unique and amazing attraction

Coral Castle
Mysterious castle constructed by a mysterious Latvian Wizard

The Mountaineer Inn

St. Augustine Turbo Trip
Includes the Old Jail, The Old School and Castillo de San Marcos

The Linger Lodge
World's greatest twisted taxidermy collection


Uncle Remus Museum 

Disneyworld of the South


Fields of the Wood
Home of the World's Largest Ten Commandments

Charlie Daniels Musem in Nashville, TN

Goats on the Roof
You'll never guess where they keep their goats

Plains, GA
Shrine to Jimmy Carter

House on the Rock
Simply put, the greatest Roadside Attraction of all time

The Mothman Museum and Festival

The Fugitive Crash Site 

The Land of Oz
Classic theme park in Beech Mountain, NC that is only open two days a year

National Museum of Health  
Government run house of Horrors

Mystery Houses: Where Gravity Does Not Apply
Mystery Hill, Big Mike's Mystery House, and Bee City Mystery House

Hillbilly Garden
Amazingly unique folk art environment

Silver Dollar City
We take a look at some of the old school rides at this old school park such as "Fire in the Hole", "The Flooded Mine" and "Grandfather's Mansion".

Abandoned Airplane Graveyard

Backyard Terror Dinosaur Park
Out in the middle of nowhere in some dudes backyard is surprisingly one of the best dinosaur parks of all time.

Shrunken Heads
A look at the surprising prevalence of Shrunken Heads on the American Roadside

Funtown Mountain: The Resurrection of Guntown
Old style Wild West Park reborn as a quirky roadside stop

Bible Mini Golf
More popular then you ever imagined

Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens
The rotting kingdom of the world's most famous folk artist

Scottish Tartan Museum
A creepy bomb shelter full of mannequins

The Odditorium Bar
Where you can drink amongst the freaks and oddities

Volo Auto Museum
Where famous fictional cars go to retire alongside creepy mannequins

Vulcan: Pride of Birmingham
The naked pagan God who watches over the Southern city of Birmingham, AL

Miami County Museum
Where a town is actually proud of their murdered Elephant

Largest Cross in America

Billy Bass Adoption Center
Where singing fish find new life

The Synchronous Fireflies of Elkmont
Magic in the woods

Larry Baggetts Trail of Tears Memorial
Rotting folk art environment built to ward off Native American Spirits.

Santa Claus, IN
A cold dark night in America's most festive city

The Big Blue Whale
Route 66 Mainstay

Cadillac Ranch and its Brethren
The world famous Cadillac Ranch and its may spin offs

Fair Oaks Farms
America's only dairy themed amusement park

Statue of Liberation through Christ
 Christian reinterpretation of the Statue of Liberty
The National Bird Dog Museum
Where we go to honor our fallen Bird Dogs

Mysterious Pramid of Northern Illinois

Oz Park

North Carolina Taxidermy Hall of Fame and Creation Museum
A museum based on Taxidermy, Creationism and farm tools, with chaotic and stunning results

Arkansas Alligator Farm
One of America's oldest attractions, proving you don't need to go to Florida to get the alligator experience 

John Agar's Land of Kong
Amazing abandoned Dinosaur park

The Henry Ford
The last thing in Detroit

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Absolute wonderland full of amazing vintage amusement machines

City Museum
Some times the strangest things come in the most innocuous packages.