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Southern Culture

Where is the South?
Examining exactly where "The South" is located

Moonshine Stills
True symbol of the South

Possum: The Official Animal of the South
A definitive look at the world's most Southy animal.

The Possum Drop Legal Battle
The trail of the century 

Designer Confederate Flags
Find out what strange and unusual things can be plastered on confederate flags

Pro Wrestling: The One True Sport
A look into the fantastic world of local professional wrestling

Some of my Favorite Taxidermy
Some of the choice pieces of taxidermy I have found in my travels

Dumpster Love
The world's most romantic gesture

The Raccoon Penis Bone
Magic Appalachian Talisman

The Vine that Ate the South

Decaying Southern Homes

Decaying Southern Barns

Funeral Chicken

Strange Santas
Odd and unusual Santa Clauses

The Redneck Renaissance
A look at Television's new fixation with Southern Culture.

Non-Traditional Sports
Main stream sports are incredibly boring.  We take a look at some of the great alternative America has to offer.

Iconic Southern Characters from Film and Television
We take a look at some of the most Iconic fictional Southern Characters and what they say about the South

How Not to Treat an Indian Mound
Things you never want to do to an Indian mound

Ultimate Southern Mixtape Part 1and Part 2
The Carpetbagger attempts to make the ultimate mixtape representing the South

Things that People Only Eat in the South

Decoration Day

Taking pictures of wild bears is very hard

Confederate Secret Weapons
Featuring the double barreled canon of Athens, Asa Jackson's Perpetual Motion Machine, and the Hunley

Bear Wrestling

Some of the more interesting gravestones I have come across in my travels.

Modern Day Freak Shows

Pirates: Hillbillies of the Sea

Single Wide Trailers

Zombies are Real

The Wonderful World of Water Towers
Some of the greatest Water Towers found across the South

Strange Statues of the South

American Burlesque and Sideshow Festival

Top 10 Southern Movies of All Time

An Ode to the Lost Toilet

Boneyard Beach

Abandoned Farm House in a Cotton Field

Mrytle Manor
Where you can walk into a trailer park reality show


The Hillbilly
Hillbilly Imagery throughout the South

Hillbillies in Pro Wrestling
The history of Hillbilly characters in pro-wrestling

Hillbilly Woodstock
A celebration of the World's Most Famous Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton

The Mountaineer Inn
Motel featuring Neon Hillbillies


The Jesus Signs
My adventure in tracking down the mysterious person posting religious signs throughout the South.

Christian Haunted House
I check out a local Christian Haunted House

The Devil's Funeral
I'm still not sure what this was, check it out and help me understand

Halloween Bible Burning
Controversial Baptist Preacher organizes a Bible Burning on Halloween

Not So Scary Cults
An African Voodoo cult that gives tours, Hollow-Earth Shakers, and nudity loving Alien worsphippers

Strange and Unusual Nativity Scenes

Ode to the Street Preacher

Places in the South

Asheville, NC: Appalachian Freak Magnet
The city that will make question everything you thought you knew about the South

Cherokee, NC
Classic tourist town currently going through an identity crisis

Chiefing in Cherokee, NC
Have your picture taken with a real Indiana Chief

The Most Important Man in Charleston, SC

The Road to Nowhere
The downside to flooding populated valleys

The Strangest Things You Can Find in New Orleans' Cemeteries
The creepiest things in America's creepiest cemeteries

Automotive Riverbank Preservation
True Appalachian ingenuity

The Copper Basin

The Cemetaries of Charleston, SC

Four things to love about Charleston, SC

Bourbon Street
The Drunkard's Disney World


Welcome to Florida
Florida knows how to greet a tourist

Florida Alligator Tourism

Alligator Theater
Where we watch the men that wrestle alligators and the gators that bite them

Key West: Creepiest City in America

Small Town Life

Small Town Christmas Parades
The charm and craziness that is the Small Town Christmas Parade

Small Town Christmas Parades 2013

Backwoods Confederate Shopping

Fourth of July Boat Parade

Small Town Hoedown


Southern Monsters
Six of the Souths notorious real life monsters!

The Wooly Booger
The dark backside of Taxidermy, also known as the "Assquatch"

Cherokee Super Monsters
Including Flying Dragons, the Snake Beast: The Uktena, and the legendary Slant Eyed Giant: Judaculla