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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Mountaineer Inn

Forget the damn Biltmore House, to me there is only one true Iconic Landmark in Asheville, NC as far as I am concerned.   In the fast food district, near Red Lobster and Hooter's a massive figure rises out of the sea of box restaurants.

This giant Hillbilly overlooks the great city of Asheville and beckons folks to the Mountaineer Motel that has been a local institution since 1939.

The Motel is one of the best living examples of using Hillbilly Imagery in Mountain tourism.  In addition to the giant Hillbilly out front there are two miniature neon Hillbillies flanking the office.

Recently these guys little a fresh coat of paint.

Also making an appearance is Mammy Yokum, a character from the Li'l Abner.  Li'l Abner was a comic strip about a family of Hillbillies that ran from 1934-1977.

Now I have never actually stayed at the Motel, so I can't speak towards that experience.  My wife did call once to inquire about reservations.  She bluntly asked them "Are there a bunch of crackheads staying there?"  The lady at the counter calmly responded, "No mam, we don't rent to locals".

Here are a few captions from their Trip Adviser page: "Bed Bugs and Fleas", "Worst Place Ever" and "Greatest Motel Stay Ever".

I love these signs, but it isn't until night time that the true magic happens.

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