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Hillbilly Hall of Fame

Welcome to a new feature here at the Carpetbagger!  When visiting the Abita Mystery House in Abita Springs, LA the curator John Preble had suggested to me that I start a Hillbilly Roadside attraction here in the mountains.  Now, I don't have a pile of kickstarter money, so I am going to start with a virtual version of such.  I am creating the official Hillbilly Hall of Fame.

The criteria for entrance is simple.
  1. You must be a Hillbilly.  This is not a Redneck Hall of Fame (Although that is an idea).  All inductees must fit at at least a loose embodiment of what the general public finds as a "Hillbilly". 
  2. You must not be a fictional character.  A Hillbillies inducted must be real people.  My apologies to Jed Clampett.
  3. You must do something that makes you stand out.  This came be virtually anything as long as it is impressive.
  4. Beards are not a requirement, but they do help

Popcorn Sutton


Moonshining is one of the hallmarks of Hillbilly culture.  Popcorn Sutton is the world's most famous moonshiner.  Popcorn also embodies the defiance of Southern Culture as he battled the federal government.  Her took great pride in embodying the Hillbilly life style.  He spoke of being one of the last of the true Mountain people.  He made the deicion to take his own life instead of going to prison on Moonshining


Ches "Goatman" McCartney

 Simply a legend.  Ches's life story is more interesting then most fictional characters.  Ches was best known for traveling across America with an old railroad car pulled by a heard of Goats.  Ches was a preacher who used his odd persona to draw him people.  To me he embodies the non comformity and fee spirit that goes with being a "Hillbilly". 


Herbert "Cowboy" Coward

When people hear the word "Hillbilly", the word "Deliverance" often comes to mind.  Deliverance is a movie that defined how much of the nation saw the South.  The villians of the movie were two nameless Hillbillies that assaulted a group of vacationing businessmen from Atlanta and anally raped him.  The phrases "Squeal like a Pig" and "You got a purdy mouth" still send chills down people's spines.  Herbert was the man who spoke the line about the "Purdy Mouth".  Herbert did not just play a Hillbilly, he is also a Hillbilly in real life.  He was simply a local picked out for his unique look.  He is quite a character and is known locally for his trained squirrel that goes everywhere with him.  For a time Herbert used his star power to advertize his booth at a local flea market.

Dent "The Wildman" Meyers

  Free speech is something we all cherish, but that doesn't stop it from scaring us every once in awhile.  Dent Meyers is a man from a different time, possibly a different century.  He is unrepentant in his love for the confederacy and still claims allegiance to Jefferson Davis.  Old Dent is not a one note pony.  His affable nature is almost as disarming as he collection of racist memorabilia that he displays.  He does not trust the federal government or doctors and believes strongly in holistic medicine, that he sells in his shop.  He is also well known for carrying two loaded guns with him at all time.  A fascinating and confusing character study of a man.

Robert Perry

Photo by Random Connections

  Robert Perry has created his own Hillibilly musical paradise which he dubbed "Perryville".  Check out Random Connections for a wonderful look at the man and his compound.

"The Turtleman" Ernie Brown

"Turtleman" Ernie Brown is the one and only real life Hillbilly Superhero.  His ability to catch wild animals with his bare hands in nothing short of unbelievable.  He is also one of the most good natured individuals around.  Ernie takes the negative stereotypes about the backwoods South and turns them into positives.  His good spirits, infectious personality and superhuman abilities make him a true Southern Icon.

Mark "Coonrippy" Brown 

 Mark "Coonrippy" Brown is a Hillbilly for the digital age.  His claim to fame was a series of viral YouTube videos featuring him and his giant pet raccoon.   He dances to Aretha Franklin with a raccoon in one video, in another he shows how Hannah Montana body spray prevents raccoon bites.  Sadly, his beloved Gunshow passed away.  He adopted another young Racoon, but fame is a fickle mistress and the Tennessee authorities confiscated her.  He now seeks only to bring his baby raccoon home.

Sam, The Original Carolina Hillbilly 

 Sam is the Paris Hilton of Hillbillies.  He is simply famous for being famous.  One day, Same decided he was going to use his lifestyle to make money.  He posted signs outside of his house advertising himself as "The Original Carolina Hillbilly".  He now makes money posing for pictures with tourists.  His marketing is sure genius. 

 Butch Anthony 

 Genuine Hillbilly folk artist who started his own art movement known as Intertwangalism.  He is the creator of the amazing "Alabama Museum of Wonder" and is host to the yearly Hillbilly version of burning man known as "Doo-Nanny".

The Tremors:  Hillbilly Rock Stars

 Rockabilly band with Hillbilly roots.  Their back story contains both zombification and alien abduction.

I would love to here anyone else's suggestions or nominees for the Hillbilly Hall of Fame.

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