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Folk Heroes and Villians

Legends of the South

The Goatman, Ches McCartney
True legend of the open road

Popcorn Sutton
World's most famous Moonshiner

The Legacy of Popcorn Sutton
Sky Sutton, Troy Cagle, and Hank Williams Jr. battle over the legacy of the World's most famous Moonshiner

Button Gwinnett: Monument to Obscurity
The short life and uneventful times of the most obscure man to sign the Declaration of Independence

Harrison Mayes
Kentucky coal miner who dedicated his life to placing concrete monuments to Jesus on the Southern Highways, aiming to someday place them in outer space.

North Carolina's Fantastic Twins
A look into the strange and unusual sets of twins inexplicably buried in North Carolina's soil

Herbert "Cowboy" Coward, Hillbilly Icon
The man that uttered the legendary line "you sure got a purdy mouth"

The Creepiest Things You Can Find in New Orleans' Cemeteries 
Including the many graves of Marie Laveau and the final resting place of public menace Nicholas Cage

Dr. John Pemberton
Little known creator of the biggest thing ever

Orion, The Man Who Would Be The King
Did Elvis reall fake his death and travel around the world wearing a sparkling mask?  No, of course not, but someone tried to sell this to the public

Dr. John Romulus Brinkley
Appalachia's very own Mad Scientist

Lavinia Fisher and Annabelle Lee
Two of the most notorious and mysterious women of Charleston, SC, buried in the same cemetary.

Dr. Thomas Hicks and The Hicks Baby
The tale of the premier abortion doctor in the South and his black market baby operation

Reverend Bernard Coffindaffer
A preacher who set out to cover America's highways in crosses

James Potter
Creator of the world's largest crosses

Sam, The Original Carolina Hillbilly

Colonel Sanders
The man, the myth, the legend

Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit

Jimmy Carter
Beloved by the South, rejected by his Country

The South's most legendary monster

Junior Banks and his Fortress of Faith
One man and his castle, fortified with biblical figures and demons

Legends of the Southern Roadside

Vollis Simpson and his Whirligigs
Amazing Southern Folk Artist known for his remarkable kinetic sculptures

Jody Pendarvis
The tale of a man and his homemade flying saucer

Horace Buress: Creator of the Minister's Tree House
A look into one of the world's most amazing roadside stops.

Dalton Stevens
The Button King

Mark Cline
The undisputed King of Fiberglass

Speedy the Mortuary Mummy
The strange tale of a tourist mummy

The Controversial

H.K. Edgerton, The Black Confederate
African-American Neo-Confederate and world's most confounding man

Strom Thurmond and Essie Mae
Can the world's most racist man have a relationship with his bi-racial daughter?

The Bessingers: BBQ and Politics
A tale of neo-confederism, BBQ and family

Dent Meyers, The Wildman
Controversial modern day Confederate

The Vigil of Jaqueline Smith
The last resident of the Lorraine Motel who has been sitting in the same spot in protest for 27 years


Mary the Elephant
Elephant executed for murder

The Assassination of Tom Gobble

The World's Oldest Ham

The Tree that Owns Itself

The Hemingway Cats

The Tsavo Man Eaters 

Modern Icons

Honey Boo Boo

The Most Important Man in Charleston, SC

Brother Obidiah
And some other fascinating street preachers

Tim Lepard and Team Ghost Riders
A story of a man, his dream, and his Monkies

Paula Deen
The Fallen Queen of the South

"The Turtleman" Ernie Brown
Reality TV star and first ever real life Hillbilly Superhero

Dolly Parton


Midwest Icons
Monuments to some of the midwest's greatest Icons:  King Gambrinus, Orville Redabacher, and the Fonz.

Donny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
A true tale of a dishwasher and his bongos

Pauline Smeltzer
A woman and her memories, lost and recovered

Pauline Smeltzer Part 2: The Secret
It turns out Pauline may have been keeping a secret her whole life

Tree Carver
3X World Champion chainsaw artist..........or is he?