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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

South Carolina's UFO Welcome Center

On a trip to Charleston a few years back we took a detour to Bowman, SC based on a tip from Roadside America, to see the "UFO Welcome Center".

The UFO Welcome Center is a giant UFO built by a local named Jody Pendarvis.  Jody built the UFO by hand and considers himself an ambassador to alien life.  Jody was featured on a sketch on "The Daily Show" in 2001 when he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

Its a magnificent sight to behold.  Its a towering structure with a very folksy handmade look.

As I snapped some pictures Jody pulled up in his multi-color pickup truck.

Fortunately, Jody was extremely friendly and clearly happy about the attention his UFO draws in.  Jodi explained that he did not build this UFO, but that it was simply left by Aliens (with a wink in a smile).  Jody states that he lives in the UFO and sleeps in the top.  He was more then happy to let met get some pictures with him.

Its always a special treat to meet unique and interesting characters on the road.

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