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Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoration Day

While today we celebrate Memorial Day across the United States, down here in the South we celebrate a dual holiday.  Here in the South Memorial Day is celebrated as "Decoration Day".  Memorial day is a national holiday where we celebrate veterans that have died in the line of duty, often adorning their graves in remembrance.  However, Decoration day is a celebration of all the dead, regardless of military affiliation.  Southerners take this day to visit their deceased and decorate their graves.

Decoration day used to be the official name of Memorial day.  It was founded by freed slaves after the civil war.  The former slaves would use Decoration Day to honor those who died in order to end slavery.  As the holiday became more popular, it began to encompass all deceased military.  The South would hold onto the "Decoration Day" name and at some point it lost if military association that it holds in the rest of the country (Although no one is going to accuse the South of not honoring the military).

Of course another aspect of Decoration day, is that the large majority of flowers are plastic and will not biodegrade for a million years.  This makes quite a job for the cemetery keeper as he constantly is trying to keep the cemetery tidy.  Check out this trailer full of grave flowers.

Of course Decoration Day is like any proper Southern Holiday.  It is a time when you gather with your friends and loved one and eat enormous mounds of food.

Happy Decoration Day to All......and to all a good night

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