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Roadside Religon

The Jesus Signs
My adventure in tracking down the mysterious religious signs posted across the state

Harrison Mayes
Kentucky coal miner who found God and spent his life planting monuments to Jesus on Southern Roadsides

Reverend Bernard Coffindaffer
A preacher who set out to cover America's highways in crosses

James Potter
Modern day cross builder, building crosses over a hundred feet high

Various Christian Roadside Signs Found Around the South

Marketing with Christianity 101
Using Jesus to sell

The Minister's Tree House

Christian Haunted House

The Devil's Funeral

Halloween Bible Burning
Controversial Baptist Preacher organizes a Bible Burning on Halloween

Strange and Unusual Nativity Scenes

Street Preachers

Amusing Church Signs

The Billy Graham Library
Shrine to America's most famous preacher

The Creation Museum
Where Dinosaurs rode on the ark with Noah

Angry Christians

Fields of the Wood
Home of the World's Largest Ten Commandments

Largest Cross in America

Christ of the Ozarks
Giant bizarre looking statue of Jesus

Bible Mini Golf
More popular then you ever imagined

Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens
The rotting kingdom of the world's most famous folk artist

Junior Banks and his Fortress of Faith
One man and his castle, fortified with biblical figures and demons

Coon Dog Cemetery
The South's most exclusive cemetery

Statue of Liberation through Christ
 Christian reinterpretation of the Statue of Liberty

North Carolina Taxidermy Hall of Fame and Creation Museum
A museum based on Taxidermy, Creationism and farm tools, with chaotic and stunning results