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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Civil War Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Kingdom II


  1. Hi Jacob. I love your YouTube videos, but do you think that at any point you would ever do any more of your old-style pictures and text blog entries? Just curious, because I enjoyed those too.

  2. Carpetbagger!! Awesome videos!! Keep them coming!!!

  3. I love your videos Jacob. You and your family are awesome.

  4. ahha! great video. thanks for your share

  5. you should visit j's abandoned amusement park a few people have eplored it but they have not explored it in d3epth that much. here is the address too you can google map it.
    J's Amusement Park16101 Neeley Road
    Guerneville, California, USA
    i left the same message on your first live stream on youtube. i wanted to post it here too for which ever place you spot it first to make sure you get it.