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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Haunted House of Wax - Niagra Falls


  1. hi Im Luis I know you carpetbagger im still on the lookout for freestyle music park and i have been thare too and also if you go WPDE NEWS CHANAL 15 ABC they say that the park will open sonn but it will take a few YEARS intl 2024 ok but whatch the videos dont worrie they are planing for it.

  2. Did you check out criminal wax museum. Jeffrey dahmer is hilarious.

  3. Did you check out criminal wax museum. Jeffrey dahmer is hilarious.

  4. If you are in Northern California in between the Santa Cruz Beach Boadwalk,the Mystery Spot and Roaring Camp Railroad heading up to San Francisco there is a museum dedicated to the defunct San Francisco amusement park called Playland. THe museum is Playland Not At the Beach. They have some restored bumper cars and a beautiful Laughin" Sal. The park was feature in movies like Orson Well's Lady From SHanghai. If you ask the volunteers any thing about sea side amusements get ready for a long lecture THe ten dollar entrance entitles you to a flea circus unlimited play on vintage pin ball machines and carnival games where you can win prizes for no extra charge. It's also home to the Eartha Kitt Fan Club. THey have tons of freak show gaffs and showcases with animated Christmas Villages and Animated Halloween villages. The icing on the cake is the last remaining "fascination" Carnival game. It works in similar fashion to the horse race game where you role the balls. It's a true labor of love. You can have parties there too.

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