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Welcome to Florida
Florida knows how to greet a tourist

Florida Alligator Tourism

Alligator Theater
Where we watch the men that wrestle alligators and the gators that bite them

Key West: Creepiest City in America

Everglades Wonder Gardens
We loose another great Florida tourist attraction

The Shell Factory
Classic Florida roadside attraction with loads of taxidermy and other wackiness

The Citrus Tower and President's Hall of Fame
Classic towering monolith and classic Roadside Wax Museum

The Fountain of Youth
Where you can taste the foul elixir of legends

Coral Castle
Mysterious castle constructed by a mysterious Latvian Wizard

Potter's Wax Museum
America's Oldest Wax Museum, still awesome after all these years

St. Augustine Turbo Trip
Includes the Old Jail, The Old School and Castillo de San Marcos

A Celebration of Gators Posed in "Unnatural" Positions

Florida's Trilogy of the Sea

The Linger Lodge
World's greatest twisted taxidermy collection

Cassadaga, FL
The Psychic capital of the world

Lake Buena Vista, FL
There is some sort of theme park here

World's oldest dinosaur park, named after a baboon