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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Breaking News: Florida's all out Attack on the Tourist

I just learned some shocking news from Roadside America.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife commission has banned the sale of taxidermied alligators posed in "unnatural" positions.

I consider this a direct assault on the American Tourist.  This new law is insanely restrictive, especially for a state whose gun laws are slightly more lax then Deadwood's.

Preserved alligator parts have been a long time staple souvenir for the Florida Tourist.   Especially, the Gator Heads that can be found at virtually any Florida tourist trap.

The official law reads:

Forbidding the sale of stuffed baby alligators that depict “an unnatural body or body part positioning.” That could mean human poses, including standing upright or waving. 

Meaning such roadside wonders like this would be outlawed.

Found in a Roadside Florida Fruit Stand

Or these wonderful Gatorbillies found at the Everglades Gator Park.

These classy little gator ash trays could very well become a thing of the past.....

Thank God Louisiana would never pass such a ridiculous law, or we would miss out on such wonderful displays as this......

At Jazz Funeral gift shop New Orleans, LA
 As well as this half man/half alligator "Rougarou" at the New Orleans Voodoo Museum.

And of course, how could you have a discussion about posing alligators in "unnatural positions" without talking about John Preble of the Abita Mystery House

John has made posing Alligators into unnatural positions into an art form.  Just take a look at some of his amazing work.

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