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Monday, October 7, 2013

Roadside Religon

Here at the Carpetbagger roadside religious displays are something near and dear to our hearts.  We have talked about the three legends of the road that plant crosses:  Harrison Mayes, Bernard Coffindaffer, and James Potter.  I have talked about the mysterious Jesus Signs that begin appearing around my town and we discussed the finer points of marketing with Christianity.

I wanted to take some time to shine a spotlight on some of the other roadside displays that you will find across the Southern Bible Belt.  These displays are quite plentiful and I am always on the look out.  Let's have a look.

I really love this one because essentially it is a piece of beautiful folk art out in the middle of nowhere.  By nowhere I mean Robbinsville, NC.

Sometimes a simple message and a can of spray paint are the best way to go. 

This interesting little display can be found in the back roads of NC.  While I'm not getting into the whole abortion debate a friend pointed out the fault in this logic:  If you are making the argument that abortion runs the risk of stopping good people from being born, then doesn't abortion serve the same function on the opposite hand?  "God, why do you send us serial killers, dictators, rapists and child molesters?"  "You should have aborted them when you had the chance."

Seen in Cherokee, NC.

Also seen in Cherokee, NC on the side of a tar paper shack.

I love this one because of how puzzling it is.  This is a "live locally" type of roadside religion.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of Haywood County and that is all that matters.  Forget the rest.


Speaking of locally, its always nice to have God welcome you to town.

Of course, nothing beats a billboard when it comes to making a point.

Because no one EVER brings up faith in politics......

Of course the minimalistic approach is to just use graffiti.   Religious graffiti is much more pleasant then most of the stuff you find crudely scrawled on the sides of buildings and on bathroom stalls.

No better way to prove your point then scrawling the word "Jesus" on a tree.

I have always found this one very interesting.  Not only does it combine religious and environmental concerns, but it is also an environmental message spray painted on a rock.

 Of course, the classiest place to declare your love for Jesus: The side of the dumpster.

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