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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Statue of Liberation Through Christ

What can one truly say about the Statue of Liberation through Christ?  Just take a look.

Hmmm.....I almost feel like I have seen here somewhere before....

Oh yeah!  The Statue of Liberty!   But wait a minute.....

Something is........different......

The Statue of Liberation Through Christ was erected in Memphis, TN in 2006.  It is a "reinterpretation" of the Statue of Liberty that celebrates the merging of religious and patriotic ideals.

Not surprisingly, not everyone loves the Statue.   While it is a secular symbol, the Statue of Liberty is a very important and revered symbol to many Americans.  Some Americans did not approve of the statue being re-purposed as a religious symbol.

Which ever way you look at it is a sight that evokes great emotion, whatever that emotion may be.

While visiting the Statue of Liberation Through Christ, I slipped around back.

I was surprised to find a gate behind that statue leading to a secret door.  I slipped in side to find....what else:  Jesus's empty tomb.

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