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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gold Mountain: Abandoned and Forgotten Amusement Park

While there is always controversy surrounding the cursed them park of Ghost Town in the Sky, most people don't realize there was a second mountaintop park here in the Smokey Mountains.  I became aware of the lost theme park known as "Gold Mountain" when I came across those vintage post card.

I set out to locate Gold Mountain in the video below.

The Carpetbagger

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  1. I went up to to this place in 87 before it closed. It was creepy and almost abandoned back then. Land of The Giants was really creepy.

    1. Tell me about Land of Giants! I have not been able to find any info

  2. you you could of drove up there..

  3. Gold Mountain was "re-themed" multiple times. I grew up nearby in Jackson County, and went several times in the 70s. At that time, the whole attraction was "Gold City" and was a simulated prospecting town. There were no rides that I recall, but the control shack building you climbed into (you idiot! :-) ) was NOT part of the chairlift. That was the loading and control for an incline railway that went down to an abandoned mica mine. The train only stopped while a conductor talked about mica mining in WNC; riders did not get off (probably in more ways than was boring!).

    Like Ghost Town, the chairlift had a horrendous reputation among locals.

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