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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The National Bird Dog Museum

There is nothing I love more the getting in my car and heading out to see roadside attractions.  I use and some other sources to find places that I may want to visit.  Of course sometimes the best places are ones that you unknowingly stumble upon while out on the road.   While driving through Grand Junction, TN I came across The National Bird Dog Museum. 

Now, I am always a fan of visiting strange and unusual museums, and this seem to fit the bill.  I am always curious whenever I come across these oddly specific museums.

On the outside were statues of famous bird dogs.  I must admit that "Famous Bird Dogs" was a concept that was new to me.

Inside the museum were tributes to the human half of the hunting duos, including this colorful bust.

Here is a display of famous hunter's hunting caps....

Now, I must admit, when coming across the Museum one of my first thoughts was "Do they have any taxidermied bird dogs?"  The answer is: "Yes".  They have one.

Meet "Count Noble" a dog that was hunting birds before your grandparents were born.  He died in 1890 at the age of 11.  He is displayed nicely and prominently in the museum.  

Sadly, there were no other bird dogs immortalized in taxidermy.  They do have a coyote chasing birds, but I don't think that counts.

They also have this Bird Cat....

And here are two bird killing each other.....

The museum actually does have a pretty remarkable collection of taxidermy.

There are a few pieces that are honestly pretty scary.  Check out this unsettling smiling racoon.

Or this other racoon, sleeping in a tub full of moss....

This albino otter that walks on two feet.....

This fox that really scares me for some reason.....

Chaos Reigns
Some sort of wildcat fighting a snake....

And this cat from hell........

It was a great little stop.  Always fun to come across something unique and unusual.

On a side note I later found out my father-in-law actually donates money to the museum every year (he is a dog breeder), but has never actually been there.

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