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Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Search of the World's Smallest Post Office

One day my family was taking a back road drive through the middle of nowhere in Cashiers, NC.  After rounding a curve we stumbled across this.

No bigger then a tool shed, sitting in the middle of nowhere was the world's smallest post office.  I will drive across the country to see tourist attractions, but it is always extra special to stumble across something special like this.  Sadly, this little post office is no longer in use.  I have no idea why.  It actually wasn't even located here originally and had to be relocated.  There are a few pictures posted here that show the size of pretty well.

Of course this would not be the last time I would stumble across the World's Smallest Post Office.

The next time would occur at Shenadoah Caverns in Virginia.

Shenadoah Caverns is a great little tourist cave.  They caves are populated with "Pixies", evoking
memories of Rock City's gnomes.

Shenadoah Cavern's claim to fame is that is hosts the world's largest example of "Cave Bacon".  Here is my terrified claustrophobic daughter posing with the "bacon".

Shenadoah Caverns has another claim to fame as well.  To match their world's largest cave bacon, they also have this.

The Smallest Post Office.  Of course the question mark at the end doesn't show a lot of confidence in their claim.  As much as I appreciate this example of roadside bravado, I am going to have to call BS on this one.  This post office is a small booth inside the building that contains the entrance to the caverns.  The post office is only a small section of the larger building.  I would say that the smallest post office has to be free standing.

And it is.........In Ochopee, FL.

Behold, the smallest Post Office in the United States.   It is fully functional and located deep in the everglades of Florida.  Sadly it was closed when I came through, so I didn't get the full experience.  However, lucky for me, this find establishment is just one mile down the road.

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