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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Wooly Booger

I have talked in the past about my love of Taxidermy.  But there is a dark side of Taxidermy, the back side.

At some point in the history of Taxidermy a taxidermist was mounting deer heads and realized that he was throwing away way to many deer butts.

This theoretical situation gave birth to what is commonly known in Taxidermy circles as the "Wooly Booger", also known as the "Assquatch".  The Assquatch is what is created when a Taxidermist uses the ass end of an animal in order to create a human-like monster face. 

 Suffice to say, they are a touch disturbing.

Here is a mount called "Little Foot" made from an unidentified rear end...

And here is a happy little guy made from the back end of a raccoon....

For those of you interested in making your own Wooly Booger, you can find the instructions on the Internet.

According to that site "Many people say that the real red neck art is the shaping of the deer anus to look like a mouth."  Now that is true dedication to an art form.

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