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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Golgotha Fun Park

As you travel across the Southern Bible Belt you will realize that people will find a way to mix Christianity with everything and anything.

For the God fearing tourist there are no shortage of Christian attractions on the open road.  Back in 2008 when I was visiting Cave City, I stopped here.

No for those of you with some knowledge of the Bible you will recognize "Golgotha" as the site of Jesus's Crucifixion.  The original Golgotha was no fun park.  This Golotha, is however a minature golf course.  Well, at least it used to be.  It was long closed and in pretty bad shape when I got there.

At one point they advertized themselves as the number one Biblical Golf Course in the country, giving you a chance to knock a golf ball right between the 10 Commandments.

Sadly, somewhere along the way the demand for a religous themed mini-golf course faded and it was left in shambles.  The majority of the bibilical obstacles and decor are missing and what is left has been smashed by hooligans.

Poor poor Mary......

Someone even stole Jonah right out of the Mouth of his purple whale.....

It seems that the only thing that the vandals left alone was the set of concrete Jesuses.  I guess they just could bring themselves to smash Jesus.

On a more recent trip to Cave City I found that the golf course had reopened, but all the religious imagery was replaced with toy race cars.  Despite this, the Golgotha Fun Park will always be a fond memory of the open road.

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  1. May it rest in peace. Such a great place back in the day. Toy race cars? Really? lame.

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