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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Spring is here and in the South that means one thing:  The Kudzu is ready to bloom.

For those of you not familiar, here is a brief history of Kudzu.

Kudzu is a vine from Asia.  In the late 1800s it was introduced to the Southeast United states as both a way to control erosion and as a cheap food supply for cattle.  When farmers begin to plant Kudzu they did not know what they were in store for.  When Kudzu was hit by the hot Southern sun it grew in a way it never did in Asia.  The Southern sun was to Kudzu what radiation was to Godzilla.  The Kudzu grew at an insane rate quickly growing out of control and growing faster then farmers could maintain.  To add insult to injury, its super growth also made it harder and undesirable for cattle to eat. 

Kudzu is said to be able to grow over a foot a day.  It has earned the name "The Vine that Ate the South".  It covers and kills everything in its path.




And vehicles.....

Over the course of the summer grows faster, thicker and deathlier.......However, once winter hits it undergoes a transition from lush green.....

To a brown carpet of death......

Take a look......

There is a car under there.......

Over the Course of a year I took a series of photos of the same garbage truck to show the evolution of Kudzu over the seasons.

As you can see from some of the above pictures, Kudzu often forms interesting shapes depending on what it covers.  This has led to another trend:  Kudzu Jesus.

Here are three reported occurrences of Kudzu Jesus (All found in NC).  These are not my photos




Its kind of a Mountain version of the Tortilla Jesus.

Y'all have a nice spring, but remember, the Kudzu is coming............

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  1. STOP. IT. I am deathly creeped out by kudzu. I always imagine bodies being hid under there!!

    1. I have actually heard of stories of people dumping dead bodies in Kudzu.....Sorry, that probably didn't help :)

  2. i kind of love kudzu. i like to imagine that it is dinosaurs or something. a friend of mine saw it for the first time when we were going camping with her mom, and when said "oh we need to bring some of that home! it looks so cool!" her mom shouted NO so quick! haha, i would love a kudzu forest behind my house.

    1. The formations can be pretty fascinating........If you had a Kudzu forest behind your house, you better invest in a good weed wacker :)

  3. My friend in New Jersey got hassled by his town government about the 100 year old ivy growing on his building. They made him take it down. So in revenge, he got a friend from down south to bring up a bunch of Kudzu. We then planted all over the town. Kudzu it great.