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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Decaying Southern Homes

When I first got interested in photography one of the first things I became interested was photographing old homes.  Here in the Mountains we have no shortage off them.  I love tin roofs, peeling paint and all the other wonderful decay.  The heat, the plants and the moisture really transforms these homes to works of art.  Here is a collection of some of my favorites. 

Ducktown, TN

Resilience, TN

Franklin, NC

Franklin, NC

Westminster, SC
Glenville, NC

Hayesville, NC

Franklin, NC
Franklin, NC

Franklin, NC
Turtletown, TN
I have no idea what this odd structure is.

Murphy, NC
This larger home is covered in a wonderful material known as "Tar Paper".  This material is normally reserved for shacks.  We call this the "Tar Paper Mansion".

Topton, NC

Sylva,  NC
Otto, NC
Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere, NC
Angelique's Paradise Estate.  I have no idea what this place is, but I would bet it has some amazing stories.

Waynesville, NC
Canton, NC
I nicely asked the owner if I could take some close up pictures of this magnificent home, but I was told "no".

Franklin, NC
I always loved how the house looked like a big skull, a peek inside shows an even creepier side.

In case you can't quite make that out it says "The ones who enter are the ones who die, the ones who die are the ones who we kill"  Charming.

Of course any rural explorer worth his salt takes peeks inside this abandoned marvels.

Somewhere in GA
Bowman, SC
Outside of Athens, GA
Outside of Athens, GA

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