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Friday, August 9, 2013

Popcorn Sutton Jam: Hillbilly Woodstock

I have previously discussed my fascination with legendary mountain moonshiner Popcorn Sutton.  Ever since I found this sign, I made it my goal to meet him.

Sadly, Popcorn committed suicide to avoid being sent to federal prison after being busted for making moonshine (surprise, surprise).

Although Popcorn is no longer with us, they still throw a festival in his honor every year in his home town of Maggie Valley, NC.

Hillbilly Woodstock was a celebrations of all things Popcorn Sutton.  His wife wold T-shirts and videos.  At her table was this touching portrait of Popcorn, complete with his replica of his infamous tombstone.

"Popcorn Said Fuck You" is a very popular catchphrase and adorns a great deal of Popcorn merchandise.  As seen on the decorative Popcorn Sutton hand saws.

I didn't know who Barney Barnwell was, but it appears he is a Mountain fiddler with a pet Possum, so that makes him okay in my book.

Not my Photo

The festival included music from country and bluegrass bands....

And of course your regular Southern health foods......

Sadly, for a festival inspired by a legendary Moonshiner, there was no moonshine.  Festival goers would have to settle for root beer served in a moonshine still.

There were mini-moonshine stills for sale.....

And of course, any southern festival would not be complete without someone carving bears out of logs with a chainsaw.

But of course.....The most important ingredient to any Moonshine festival:  Moonshiners!

All in all, its great to see so many people come out to celebrate a local focal folk hero.

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