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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goats on the Roof

We see the roadside tourist attraction as a thing of the bygone era.  The ones that exist are seen as charming bits of nostalgia.  It is true that most tourist attractions have been around for awhile, and it is rare that a new one manifests in modern times.  So, it is truly magnificent when a brand shiny new roadside attraction appears on the American Roadside.  

From the tourist highway of 411in the town of Tiger, GA shines a glimmering promise.


Who could avoid pulling over for this?

Welcome to Goats on the Roof.  With a name like that, how could you go wrong?  On the inside Goats on the roof is your standards country store, with fudge, souvenirs, ice cream and gem mining.  
However, when you look up on top, this is where Goats on the Roof truly lives up to its name.

You see, Goats on the Roof has Goats on their roof!

Over the years Goats on the roof has improved upon their design creating elaborate sky walks over their parking lot to allow the Goats to travel over top the tourists.

Of course, Goats have to eat and it is up to travelers to make sure that these goats get their feed through a series of strange contraptions.

 Here is your standard ground-to-roof Goat feeder.

Just put the food in the can and turn the crank and it raises the food to the roof to the hungry Goat.


And then we have this:  a bicycle powered food delivery system....

One must peddle furiously, moving the can of goat chow.....

As the impatient goats beg from high above....

Allow my daughter to demonstrate.....

As for the explanation on what is going on here, here is the attraction's official statement.  

You got all that?

Other touristy goodness about includes, head-in-the-hole photo ops, where you can pretend to be a goat....

Or a moonshiner's dog....

They also have an animatronic hillbilly fortune teller known as "The Goat Whisperer".

Not only is the charming tourist trap remaining popular, but it has actually become a roadside franchise.  After the success of the original attraction in Tiger, GA two other locations have popped up in the faux Bavarian Town of Helen, GA and the ultimate southern tourist mecca of Pigeon Forge, TN.

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