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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fair Oaks Farm, America's Only Dairy Themed Amuseument Park

In Fair Oaks, IN there is a massive grouping of Dairy farms that used state of the art Dairy techniques to harvest milk.  Several years back the group of farms decided to launch what would become the ULTIMATE Agrotourist destination.   The tour begins with some of the most bewildering animatronics you have ever seen.

A talking tree talks up the sustainable farming methods as he he is pestered by a jive talking crow, that appears to be left over from Dumbo.

Then step into the next room and encounter an animatronic version of their mascot "Bessie" and she lectures and raps about a cow's digestive system.

The a video cuts in showing two teenagers venturing through all four of a cow's stomaches.

You then hop on a bus as they take you on a proper tour of the state of the art milking facility, which is highlighted by their crown jewel: a 72 cow rotating milking merry go round.

Of course the true main event is the "Birthing Theater" where you watch a pregnant cow give birth to an adoring audience.

Check out the video below for my full adventure at this wondrous place.

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