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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dinosaur World/John Agar's Land of Kong: Abandoned Wonderland

I am a huge fan of dinosaur attractions.  There is still a great park in Whitepost, VA that I encourage everyone to check out.  However, the largest of all the Dinosaur parks in the WORLD sits mysteriously empty in Beaver, AR.  The park opened in 1967 as Dinosaur World.

In the 1970s its name was changed to John Agar's Land of Kong to capitalize on the re-make of the King Kong movie.  One peculiar part of this change was that John Agar was not the owner of a park, but rather an actor in the movie.  Oddly enough, he did not play a major part, but rather a "city official".   Regardless, John Agar was friends with the owner and lent his name to the park to help with promotion.

In 2005 the park closed its gates and still sits empty.  There is still a remarkable collection of prehistoric creatures lurking in those woods.   

On a recent trip to Arkansas I had a chance to check out the amazing collection.

Check out the video I made.

Here is a complete gallery of the creatures lurking in the woods.


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