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Monday, December 15, 2014

Graceland Too

I had been planning my recent whirlwind Roadtrip for the better part of two years.  Sadly, a tragedy befell one of my "Must See" attractions.   Check out the video bellow.

The Carpetbagger

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  1. such a shame that you never made it to graceland too while paul was alive. I've been twice, and Travis' whole family has lifetime memberships. We were all freaking when the bad news came. here is my blog post from the second time i went; it really was a crazy place, truly one of a kind.

    1. also, paul says that arnold schwarzenegger put those lions on the front porch. travis' brother went during college with friends in the middle of the night, and paul would be super raunchy on those tours. and his dentures were always falling out. it would be interesting if they reopened it. the memerobilia in there really isn't in good condition. the real draw was paul. when travis got his life time membership paul made him read a poem about elvis outloud. and then he sang to us.

    2. Oh man, Its amazing......I so wish I could have been their while Paul was alive. Love the members jacket and belt!