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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Raccoon Penis Bone

Okay, this is a sensitive topic and I will handle it with the dignity it deserves.  Many people may do a double take on this one, but the Raccoon penis bone is important to Appalachian culture.

The initial reaction that most people have to this is "Wait a minute, raccoons have bones in their penis?!?"
Yes, yes they do.  Actually almost all mammals have bones in their penis known as a baculum.  There are only a few exceptions to this.  Humans do not have penis bones, but all other primates do.  Oddly enough, the possum does not have a penis bone.  Makes you question who are true closest relative is.

This here is a raccoon penis bone.

In Southern Appalachia the raccoon penis bone has traditionally been worn as a fertility talisman.  It also has the amazing double purpose of being used as a toothpick. It keeps you fertile and keeps gunk out of your teeth.  

Now if you are dieing to get your raccoon penis bone, there are readily available on Etsy.

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  1. Until reading your post, everything I knew on the topic came from Invasion Iowa, the William Shatner show.

    1. Never caught that.........What'd they say about it?

  2. haha, that is one thing i've never been tempted to buy. i am actually watching this cool show called oddities on netflix about a shop in new york that sells weird stuff, and they just had a 3 foot walrus peanut bone!

    1. Oh my God! That is on of my favorite shows. I actually visited the shop when I visited New York, but sadly no one from the show was there