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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Funeral Chicken

A few years ago I was asked to be a pallbearer for my wife's great-aunt.  She was a very nice lady, her late life hobby was to go into cemeteries and find stranger's graves with inadequate tombstones and buy them big new elaborate stones.  When she died she was very advanced in age.  She had no children and the large majority of her relatives were also advanced in age.

Although I had only met her once I was recruited as a pallbearer simply because I was strong enough to lift as a casket.  I was happy to help out.

As the funeral came to an end I was standing with my wife's grandfather (who had handled the arrangements) and the funeral director came up to him and said "The chicken is the back".  The funeral director proceeded to pull take a pan of steamy, hot, fresh fried chicken out of the hearse and hand it to my wife's grandfather.  Then he left.

I was a bit puzzled.  Why did the funeral director give my wife's grandfather a pan of chicken at his sister-in-law's gravesite?  When I asked my wife, she simply replied that that was just a service the funeral home provided.  A complimentary pan of fried chicken with every funeral.

Funeral Chicken.  I am still confused.

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