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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Human Roadside Advertising

I think we have all seen them.  People standing on the side of the road holding signs advertising businesses.  I think I understand that there is a legal loop hole going on here.  You can't just go around pounding signs in the ground without a permit, but if you use a human being as a pole you get around the law.  Afterall, you don't need a permit to just stand there.

Of course hiring homeless people as human sign posts can be a bit depressing.

Businesses need to do something to spice up their mascots so they don't look like quite as depressing.

A costume can really spice things up, especially if your mascot is willing to break out the dance moves.

Of course my favorites are always the ones that go all out.

Chickens have always been a good standby.

But you can always get a little more creative and have an anthropomorphic mattress....

Or maybe an eery cellphone-man.....

Or whatever the hell this thing is....

Keep in my mind though, it is possible for a costume to make things even more depressing.

Isn't that the loneliest banana you have ever seen? 

Of course my favorite encounter with one of these magical roadside beings was the day I spotted this harmless looking Mr. Potato Head.

I was leaning out the window of the car trying to get a good picture of Mr. Potato, but I was having a hard time getting a good angle.  I called out "Hey, Mr. Potato Head!  Look over here."  Apparently, this potato had enough and screamed back at me "Fuck you!".  Yikes, sorry.

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