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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tupac Statue in Stone Mountain, GA

There is a statue of Tupac Shakur in Stone Mountain, GA.   No, seriously.

The statue was park of the Tupac Shakur foundation for the arts, an organization set up by Tupac's mother.  Sadly, it did not last long and is now very abandoned.

The statue now sits in a neglected mediation garden next to the center.  The statue itself is unusual, as it depicts Tupac not has how he died, but how he would look if he were alive today.  In addition, he is dressed like a preacher, with a cross around his neck and a bible in his hand.  I'm not a Tupac expert by any means, but I don't feel this was necessarily his normal wardrobe.

Check out the following video where me and my friend Adam the Woo search out this legendary statue.

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