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Friday, September 11, 2015

Don't Build a Theme Park on a Mountain

In my travels I have come to one realization in my travels across the Southern roadside:  Don't build a theme park on top of a Mountain.  I present to you exhibits A, B and C.

Exhibit A: Gold Mountain: a theme park that failed so spectacularly that it hardly anyone even remembers that it existed.  A rotten staircase is nearly all the remains.

Exhibit B: Ghost Town in the Sky: a cursed theme park that can't catch a break.  From rock-slides, financial woes and accidental shootings, every time they get ready to reopen the park something
 terrible happens.

Exhibit C:  Funtown Mountain.  A theme park so cursed that after only 2 months its owner went completely insane and single handily destroyed it with his own bare hands.

The Mountains are cursed.

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  1. I hate that these mountain amusement parks are all closed. I have never been to one or even seen one, maybe it's not too late?? Please keep us informed about the fate of the Ghost Town in the Sky and Funtown Mountain. Thanks!

    1. I would say Funtown is finished unless it is bought by a new owner. I actually drove by Ghost town tonight and they had a sign that said they would be open Spring 2016

  2. The video you took at Gold Mountain was great. But you are wrong about the boardwalk being a sky lift station. It's actually an incline (or funicular railway) station. You can tell by the loading area's stair stepped loading area, and I believe you can see a rail at the bottom of the operators tower.

    1. Interesting, I did not know that they had a funicular railroad

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