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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hillbilly Google Search

Now I have been doing this blog for a little over a year and a half.  I get a modest amount of views, but any number is really fine with me.  I do this because I love doing and until my views go down to zero I will still be doing it.

However, yesterday, I hit a true milestone.  While poking around the internet, I found out that an image from my blog was the very first image to show in google images when you googled the word "Hillbilly":

The first image displayed is a picture I took of Alabama Folk artist Butch Anthony.

While I thought this was awesome, I was a little worried that Mr. Anthony may not like being the poster boy for hillbillies.

And look at the company he keeps.   A culturally sensitive parade of images.

Its good to see Hillbilly Jim represented.................

Sadly, my reign as Hillbilly image King has come to an abrupt end.  When I checked back today the number one spot had been replaced with these nice respectable Hillbillies.

Oh well, at least I can take pride that my page comes up #5 on google when you search for "Raccoon Penis Bone"

I'm somebody, ma!

The Carpetbagger

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