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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Little Engine that Couldn't

A few days ago I posted about my visit to the Fugitive Crash Site.   During my visit I stumbled across this strange little train in the nearby abandoned rail yard.

At first I thought that she might be associated with the Thomas the Train Engine universe, but that it didn't seem quite right.  Today, I received an inside tip that this train was a specially created "Little Engine that Could" that could be used for special events on the railroad.  Here is some video of the train in action.  Fast forward to 2:39 to see the train in action.

I love the insanely annoying chant of "I thought I could".  Also, the conductor is a really creepy clown!

You have to admit though, there is something about find that after these years that the Little Engine really couldn't and is now rotting in the bushes somewhere is pretty depressing.

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