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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pleasant Hill Church

Back before me or my wife had real jobs, we couldn't afford to go on long distance road trips and see cool roadside attractions.  So what we did for fun was basically get in the car and drive the back roads looking for cool things.  One of our favorite spots was a little Post civil war African American Church called "Pleasant Hill".  We took a lot of photos over the years.

Here's an old shot from back when we used film.

And with my son on the porch.

Here are some of the various photos we took over the years.

The church was essentially abandoned when we used to visit, but it was recently restored.  While I am happy that it has been restored, I kinda miss the old weathered look.  The inside is not completely remodeled with pews and a steeple.  When we used to visit the church was empty with vines growing up through the floor.  He is my son looking out one of the windows from the inside.

And her is my wife, pregnant with Anna in front of the same window.

And here is my mother, holding a newborn Anna in front of the window

We recently visited Pleasant Hill and saw the renovations.  Check out that video below.

The Carpetbagger

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