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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Natural Bridge Wax Museum and Factory: Where Creepiness is Born

Recently, I talked about Natural Bridge, VA, the town that Mark Cline built.  However, I don't want anyone to think that Natural Bridge is a one trick pony.  While Cline's amazing fiberglass creations are a true highlight, Natural Bridge is home to a truly amazing wax museum.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing I enjoy more than a good (or bad) wax museum.  Natural Bridge does not disappoint, as they have a truly amazing and unique wax museum.

The down side is that this Wax Museum is a old school wax museum, meaning that your not going to get to pose with the figures or fondle them.  They are safely tucked behind plexiglass. 

When approaching the museum I noticed a creepy old figure hanging out an upper window.  I knew I was in for a treat.

Now every wax museum has its own style and unique touches.   What fascinated me about this place was the fact that for some reason, the eyes on the figures all looked all wonky and crazy.  Say hello to crazy Will Rogers.

Or terrifying Thomas Jefferson......

The primary focus is history and the Bible..........Here is Adam and Eve complete with strategically placed foliage.   

They have some local history as well, including this exhibit which features a hand cranked elevator used to scale the actual Natural Bridge, full of creepy children.

In case you are not aware, that rickety contraption full of children was used to climb this monstrosity.

 Seems safe.

And then there is local legend Archibald "Bar" Tolley.....

Basically, Archibald was a legendary bear hunter in the Virginia Mountain who possibly killed over 300 bears.  From the looks of this tableau, this may be the last bear he hunted.  BTW, I would like to see more taxidermy featured in Wax Museums.  Its a match made in heaven.

While walking through the wax museum, I found myself stuck behind these two tourists.

I stood there like a total idiot until I realized that they were wax.....Doh

And, like any good Southern Museum we have our Moonshine exhibit.....

Finally, we head into the museum's hall of president's which features some of the scariest looking presidents that can be found in all of America.

Then we finish things off with a visit to the last supper.

While the museum tour is over, we are only getting started.  The true gem is what lays below, where we get to see how these wax figures are made.  Now, the first thing you may notice about a wax figure work shop is that it looks like a serial killer's basement.

The wax figure creation process is displayed in a very artistic (and chilling) manner.

Of course the highlight has to be the sad re-purposed Michael Dukakis.....

Down in the workshop there is a smattering of extra figures not on display in the museum, such as John Wayne.....

And Santa Claus sitting in front of a wall of heads.......

Now I adore Wax Museums, and I must say this one is special.  There are few Wax Museums with this level of unintentional creepiness.

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