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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ode to the Street Preacher

Well, the Mayan apocalypse has come and gone and we are all inexplicably still alive.  Its a major disappointment for doomsday fanatics.  After last year's apocalyptic no-show this must seem like this world is never going to end.

I wanted to take a few minutes to shine the spotlight on those of use who enjoy letting us know when the next apocalypse is around the corner:  The Street Preacher.  He is always there to remind us what we are doing wrong and to scare us with the consequences.   Next time you find yourself uncomfortably walking past one trying not to make eye contact, take a moment to nod and thank them for making life a little more interesting.

 The large cross they carry is a very popular accessory, and there is no reason to be impractical about it either.  A simple hinge can make it much easier to carry.

Not all of them are as friendly as this young fellow.......When I was in college this guy was a recurring sight on our campus.........

This guy really really hated gay people.....and he wasn't a very big fan of catholics, darwinists or anyone else for that matter.

Its not a purely Southern thing either......check out this guy from Time Square in New York.

That's much more crazy and confusing then any of these other guys....

The problem is that what these guys have in message they lack in presentation.  Which brings me to my personal favorite street preacher:  Brother Obidiah Franklin.

Obidiah posses as a human statue in all red.  When he draws curious on-lookers he is happy to talk to them and has a very warm demeanor.  He uses donations from churches to travel around the country spreading his word.  He was happy to pose for pictures.  His only request is that his face not be photographed.  He says it takes away from his message.  He assured me the sign and arrow above him were pure coincidence.

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