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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Smallest Church in America Burned to the Ground

Sadly we must say goodbye to another iconic piece of the Southern Roadside.  In South Newport, GA, not far from the Florida line sat the Smallest Church in America.  That is until last night.

On the unholy holiday of Black Friday someone burned down the smallest Church in America.

Photo Andrew James/WSAV-TV, Savannah, Ga.
All the way back in 2008 my family stopped at the Smallest Church in America on our first family trip to Walt Disney World.

The church was approximately 10 feet by 20 feet.  Technically, it is not THE Smallest Church in America, but its still okay to call it that because that's its official name.

The church was open to all travelers, because get this:  It legally belonged to Jesus Christ.  The former owner put it in her will that the Church and property would be deeded to Jesus Christ when she died.  Locals kept up and maintained the property.

The Church seats twelve, that way there is a seat for all the Apostles.   Feel free to leave a tack on Judas's seat.

Inside there is a notebook where people leave their letters to God.

The local community has vowed to rebuild the church.  Hopefully I will be visiting the Smallest Church in America before too long.

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